Sahar Heumesser


Pandemic’s Social Distancing Service

Date: Dec.2020 | Project: Visual Identity and Web Design | Role: Designer | Client: ISC-CX

The World Health Organization and other experts have suggest that keeping a safe distance would have a considerable impact on minimizing the Covid-19 spread risk.

Abstandsengel is a service offered by ISC-CX to assist on providing a control over social distancing measures at gathering points such as shopping centers.

The Abstandsengel (distance angels) are trained staff who would be helping the business owners with their costumer flow by reminding the visitors about the importance of social distancing during the pandemic. Distance angels are trained to give nice impulses instead of creating stress and in this way they will support both visitors and shop owners specially during the Christmas season.

I worked in this project as the UI Designer. The Illustrations has been done by hrystyna Izverska.