Sahar Heumesser


Pandemic’s Visitor Registration Service

Date: Oct.2020 | Project: UI Design | Role: Designer | Client: ISC-CX

ACT! is a service offered by ISC-CX to provide digital visitor registration for any sort of location during the Pandemic. Due to COVID-19 chain of infection’s tracking; in some countries/cities it is mandatory for visitors to register themselves in any public location that they would spend time in. Visitors shall provide their name, contact info and time of visit so, in case of a chain of infection, they can be informed immediately by email.

ACT! provides a QR code that can be can be scanned by visitor’s smartphone and lead them to digital the form. This Service reduces effort, paperwork and access stress of data protection from business owners and it is free, quick and easy to use for the visitors.

This service was use by many small and big companies from different types of locations in multiple countries across the Europe. from McDonald’s to local sport clubs…

I worked in this project as the UI Designer.

Stay Safe!