Sahar Heumesser


100% Natural Chewing Gums

Date: Mar.2020 | Project: Package Design & Illustration | Role: Designer & Illustrator | Client: Alpengummi

Alpengummi is a newborn Austrian brand, which produce chewing gums that are 100% made by natural ingredients from alpine forests. The Co-Founders Sandra & Claudia wanted to have a design that like the product itself is sustainable, natural , and authentic.

I worked in this project as the illustrator and package designer to make hand-drawn watercolor illustrations for the packaging as well as adopting the package for the new flavor. This is the 3rd flavour produced by Alpengummi and it is called Wacholder in German which is Juniper in English. “ The first 2 flavors (packages) and the brand identity has been designed by Natalia Garcez

Illustration Process

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Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Package Design Alternative

Approved Design

Final Package