Sahar Heumesser

Dr. Sarolta Komlosi

Clinical Psychologist

Date: Jun.2020 | Project: Visual Identity & UI Design | Role: Designer | Client: Dr. Sarolta Komlosi

Dr. Sarolta Anna Komlosi is a clinical psychologist based in Vienna, Austria. This project is a personal website for her to share information with the patients. For this web design project she was inspired by art-deco colors and patterns and prefered to have an user friendly interface. The brief required easy and smooth navigation to her contact info for patients who need to reach out urgently and quickly.

My solution for this brief was to use a simple and accessible interface and a tranquil look. To match her profession and her vision, I used a neutral but bold style on rather simple wireframes. In order to achieve the desired tranquil look, I limited the color palette to a few mid-saturated swatches and I avoided using animated effects to reduce any potential tension.

As for accessibility, I used different levels of contrast for size and style of the typeface to make sure the text is displayed in order of importance. That way, her contact information and the latest updates are easily accessible for the patients.