Sahar Heumesser


Personal Recipe App

Date: Sep.2020 | Project: Visual Identity and UI Design | Role: Designer

Recept0r is a personal use recipes app that we made to organize our recipes.

What we had in mind was a minimal web application that would serve us as a recipes collection for food that we enjoy cooking.

This minimal recipes app is based on vue.js and Fauna DB. It’s a serverless web application making use of Netlify functions to handle all backend functionality like database access and user authentication.

I worked on this project as the UI/Visual Identity Designer and the coding was done by Tom who also wrote a whole article about the functionality of the app and client-serverless architecture and how he used Fauna DB to build this app.

The article is called: How I built a serverless recipes app with Fauna DB and Vue.js

At the moment, Recept0r is a semi-public personal service. That means, that even though public signup is technically possible, it’s currently disabled in favor of an invite only signup process. We made a demo in case you like to try it out.

If you’re into cooking, you may find some inspirations at Recept0r

Guten Appetit!

Guten Appetit is the German way of saying > Enjoy your meal!