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Visual Identity

I am passionate about crafting beautiful, distinctive and unique visual identity and love working one to one with both big and small businesses.

Whether you are a new business looking to create an online presence or an established company in search of a fresh new look, I offer a wide range of branding services to suit your needs from just a simple logo design and website development to full tailored Visual identity packages.

I am here to help you present the unique qualities of your brand through high-quality, thoughtful and authentic designs that inspire and connect.

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Visual Identity Services

  • Brand Guideline
  • Logo Design
  • Typography and color palette
  • Corporate Materials
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Editorials
  • Stationery
  • Packaging and Label Design
  • Signage

My Approach to an Authentic Design

I believe the design process from start to finish should be an inspiring and nourishing experience. My approach to branding design is to first walk the client through defining the visual identity of their brand and then craft a cohesive and communicative Brand Guideline that would effectively present the brand.

Brand Guideline is a guiding system on the brand’s appearance. It works as a reference bank containing the elements and disciplines that were designed to present your business with a clear and consistent aesthetic across all your layouts.

The elements such as logos, color palette, typography, graphic elements, texture, pattern, icons and etc. And the disciplines such as font principles, compositions, style of illustrations or pictures and etc.

Having a consistent visual identity not only will give your audience a seamless experience but also will make your layouts to communicate effectively and coherently to each other.

The layouts such as corporate materials, informative materials, editorials, packaging system, Stationery and etc.

Final Thought

A strong, cohesive and communicative visual identity is an essential key to any successful brand and it would be an honor to help you achieve that. I am excited to hear about your business aspirations and working together on something unique.
Check my portfolio to see my visual identity designs.

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